Wednesday, August 5, 2015


PHEW. I'm pretty sure I just got done running a life marathon. We have some very fun and very stressful past couple of weeks. 
We started with my absolute favorite vacation: the beach vacation!! There's nothing better than a week spent chilling on the beach. 
J man loved the beach this year. He ALWAYS had two fistfuls of sands If he wanted to walk somewhere hed grab his sand walk wherever, throw it, and then grab some more!
He loved the water. He was too brave! He'd run to it and I would have to chase him down.   
I love the beach! But it sure is exhausting, all that playing! Being out in the sun all day with late nights and early mornings. The memories are always worth it. 
We left early from the beach trip to go to the woodruff family reunion. J man loved the dodge ball game the first night. He'd run into the oncoming balls to grab one and throw it himself! We are lucky he never got smashed. 
Unfortunately j was not feeling well. He had a rough night and started the next day out by throwing up. But wood and I just thought he was tired (cuz we sure were!) so we stayed to party!
We had a great day with cousins at the park.  We played lots of fun games, ate good food and had great company!! It was so fun to see everyone. J loved hanging out with his older cousins! We definitely wish they could live closer to us!! 
After the reunion J was still feeling crummy so I took him into the doctor. Turns out he had hand foot mouth! Yuck. We felt so bad for infecting everyone but luckily only one cousin got it. 
Well hand foot mouth is pretty miserable. J has never been so sick before. He would wake up in the middle of the night and just scream. Poor baby. BUT sick baby or not, right after the reunion it was time to move!
It was mass chaos trying to get everything packed.  We had 4 days to pack up our house! Luckily we have amazing family who came and helped us pack, load, move and clean! We could not have done it without all of them. 

And of course after you move out, you have to move in! I think moving in is worse, I've decided. But luckily J is finally feeling better! 

Basically this is how I feel: And what I wish I could be doing
I am sooooo tired! But since I'm pregnant I'm also not sleeping at night. Haha now I only have a few days left and it's back to work. Basically I start to cry when I think about it. 

So if you need J and I we will be playing and ignoring our disasterous house 

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