Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh boy oh boy OH BOY

Well.. we're getting closer to starting our baby count down!! I've had a "oh crap! I could really have this baby at anytime" moment this weekend.  Woody's cousin had their baby at 35 weeks.. I'm only 2 weeks away from that! SO I guess it's time for us to be serious about this baby coming.....

Woody was reading about what the baby looks like and stuff at 33 weeks. (I still can't believe I'm having a baby) On one of the websites they said that this weeks activity was to "wash baby clothes and crib sheets and to put the FINISHING TOUCHES on the nursery".  (I had no idea my skin could stretch so far) Let's take a look at our nursery so far

You could say it needs some Finishing Touches.. you could also say that we need to START!! You can't see it, but a portion of our couch is in the back corner (we had to move it to fit the Christmas tree).  We still haven't bought our mattress for our crib yet, the stroller is hanging out, (is there seriously a human being inside of me??) Woody's golf clubs are in there somewhere, we have a stash of different decorations we could use that we didn't use elsewhere in the house, I have a sign that I painted before I changed my nursery colors. (7 weeks is so close... no it's really far... actually I thnk it's too close) Haha so yeah.. I guess we are little behind according to the baby website to do lists.

I did however write down a general outline of how things are run in my classroom. (What happens if I go into labor while I;m driving to Vegas... and we're in Fillmore....)  AND from now on my goal is to actually write down my lesson plans for someone else to be able to understand and to not leave my room a complete disaster. (you mean I have to push this baby out?? Of where?? Are we sure??) That way if something does happen my substitute won't feel like they've entered a tornado of some sort.

I also can't decide about what to bring to the hospital.. suggestions?? I mean really I don't want to hang out in that lovely hospital gown, (wait.. I'm still gaining weight?? for another 7  weeks?? Yeah it's a long time) but I've also heard that I won't really want to wear pants even PJ pants either.. so do I bring like a pj gown thingy? A rob thingy? hang out naked thingy? Will I want to shower there? Blow dryer? socks? laxative? I've heard I'll want that one..

I also need to buy some nursing bras, I've heard different things about what size to get.. do I get my current size? a size bigger? do I need nursing tanks? (I hope my water doesn't break at school, I hope my water doesn't break at school, I hope my water doesn't break at school, I hope..) and I need to call my insurance about a pump, and I think I need to register at the hospital? I don't know, do i? And find a pediatrician, any good suggestions for that one?

So the time is coming, and yet not coming but still coming :) Woody and I are pretty excited to meet our little man and start this new adventure, but first we have a few things to accomplish

But.. let's leave you with a happy thought



  1. Your nursery picture cracked me up! You can do it! Here are my suggestions for the hospital: I wore my hospital gown for the first 24 hours or so. I gave birth at 7pm and then I wore my gown until around 10am the next morning. You wear mesh underwear and this giant diaper thing and you can barely walk and I liked my hospital gown. After changing and showering, I just wore pj pants, a nursing tank, and a zip up jacket (for when visitors came, I could zip up the jacket quickly and not be showing my chest). I LOVE the nursing tanks that have the little clips on the straps. I still wear those at night while I sleep (I like having support at night). Other things I liked having at the hospital: my own snacks (they bring you snacks...but I liked having things that I knew I liked), my own pillow from home (I actually used it while I was delivering it made me feel more comfy), my iPad/iphone (for taking pictures), and makeup (it helped me feel less gross). They give you everything you need, so you only really need to bring the clothes you want and activities to do when your bored. I didn't wear my garments until the day I left the hospital. I just was wearing my big giant pad and always dropping my nursing tank to practice nursing, so garments would've complicated things for me. 7 weeks is so soon! I can't say it will go by super fast...but you'll get through it lol. Also, I really hope you don't become overdue like I STINKS! GOOD LUCK!

  2. I wore pants at the hospital a loose top! My recommendations are bring your own soap and shampoo and slippers. Trust me hospital floors are gross!

  3. LOVE this! Amy you are the cutest. Wish I had advice to offer. Instead I'll just say again that I am SO SO excited for you!