Thursday, January 23, 2014

Celebrations and progress

First and foremost... I have some VERY exciting news..... I'm pregnant!  
Ok, but really.... I seriously did a happy dance and had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders today... my principal found me a maternity sub!! YAHOOO I really have been worried about this. But they have a girl who used to teach at our school who is getting off her mission who will sub for me Air High Five **smack** hip bump **boing** (yeah.. don't hip bump me these days, I'll win)  

And the very best part about it is that she will start on February 24th. So then I can teach her how things are run in the classroom, the kids will get used to her and I will be able to personally teach her how things go with my diabetic student.  Seriously, I have been so worried about my kiddos.  They are MY KIDDOS.  I am seriously very protective about them, I love them with my whole heart.

And in case you couldn't tell.... these pictures are from... a baby shower!! (gasp) I know... so shocking you had no idea that's what they were!!

BUT my MIL and SILs threw me a very fun and exciting baby shower. And I've concluded that baby showers are TONS better than bridal showers. Like seriously, so. much. better.

ALSO lots of progress have been made.  Are you ready to be WOOOWED?? Woody and I moved our couch out of the nursery!! Raise the roof! **woot woot**And by Woody and I, I mean WOody.  But I promise I supervised and pretended to be super duper helpful!

In case you didn't hear... I had a dream... that I had my baby and he was a puppy!!! Seriously, a puppy! And I had thoughts like these.... "well no wonder I had so much heartburn, everyone says if your baby has hair you'll have heartburn" and people were asking me for pictures and I'd think "I can't send a picture! He turned out to be a puppy he's not even cute" and people would say "Well no wonder he moved around in your belly so much!" 

So... If you've got room in your prayers this week.... pray that I have a baby and not a puppy! Ok, seriously though... I looked at my ultrasound pictures afterwards to make sure he looked like a baby.

At one point in my life... my stomach looked like Audrey's.  Not so much anymore haha. But she's such a babe. And I love her!!

Speaking of dreams... It was Martin Luther King Jr day the other day and so my kids wrote about how they would make the world a better place. Their dreams were things like:
 - take a rocket to the moon to see if it was made out of cheese (no I didn't tell him we'd already been to the moon)
- make the world a trampoline
- have a FREE day, where everything is free
- no more black friday (cuz people fight over the deals)
- give everyone a rocket so they can get places quickly

I'm officially tired of having a fat face... just saying...

These kids loved helping me open the presents!

And these ladies and gentleman are baby J's babysitters!! Who wants to bet he comes home with glitter on him?

What else do you want to know about life currently?? How about.... Today I wore these really cute brown boots that I got for Christmas and I was at school for uh... hm... 10 minutes? And they were OFF!! Now before you judge me, it was not because they were uncomfortable (I mean, they're flat) it was because I was SO STINKING HOT
Now before you judge me... again... (geez stop judging) know that I keep flip flops at school for times like these, so I was not walking around barefoot! 

Here is what progress looks like
So... we replaced the couch with a different disaster..

And the belly's progress

AND Just so you know I have made progress with my preparation I have made LOTS OF LISTS so I think I'm very prepared now ;)

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