Sunday, November 17, 2013

The monster in your computer

We live in a world filled with some really amazing things.  

Because of the internet - My parents will be able to see my Baby J grow up no matter where I live, with face time, sending pictures, sending videos etc, I can keep in contact with friends who have moved all over the country and world, I can get an e-mail from my little sister serving a mission in an instant, instead of having to wait for the mail to bring it to me, I can google ANYTHING from how to make a certain meal, to how to perform CPR.

The internet is incredible, and has provided all of us with truly good ways to use it.  However, like all things, you have to take the good with the bad.  One of the vices that has come with our internet age is, pornography.  I KNOW that this can be a touchy subject for some.  But, for me and my family, it is a simple black and white issue.  Pornography. is. bad.  It ruins lives.  And the most unfortunate thing of all is that the lives that it is now ruining are becoming younger and younger.

Right now there is a petition going on to require porn to be an "opt in" feature, rather than a standard feature.  Should this be put into action, it would make it so that instead of having pornography popping up out of the blue, users would need to change certain settings to allow themselves access to the pornography.

 Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day  Saints, I am a firm believer in agency.  If pornography was to be made an "opt in" feature it would enhance everybody's agency.  My kids would no longer be forced to view pornography by accidentally clicking the wrong website.  And the person who feels it is his right to view pornography would not be forced to stop, he/she would simply have to take additional measures to access it.

I truly believe that having this feature is a step in the right direction.  I hope that everyone takes a moment to think about signing, and how it will better our future should this come to pass.

Click here to sign the petition

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