Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby J and Baby Jake

Holy Moly! Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving??!! And Thanksgiving is late this year, and I still can't believe it's almost here.  Time sure has FLOWN BY... and at the same time, gone ssssuuuuupppppeeerrrr duper slow.  Here am I at 25 weeks (please excuse my beautiful nail polish):

Life has been pretty normal for Mr. Woody and I.  I have been keeping busy with work and he is busy studying, and watching sports of course.. He tries to do both at the same time, one of them always wins out in the end, three guesses which one it is!!

Still prego, in case you were wondering!! I have had a student ask me if I still have the baby in the belly.  Hah yup honey, it's still there! Which reminds me I heard some students (that I don't know) whisper as I walked by "gasp! She's having a baby!!"

Woody and I are Failing, like epically (did I spell that right??), at preparing for Baby J.  The only thing we've done so far is bring stuff to the D.I. out of baby's room.  We still have not bought one. single. item.  I keep hoping Woody will become interested in buying baby things and do the research for me... so far no such luck.. dangit!

I'm starting to have some braxton hicks. Yippee.  They aren't too bad though, still not as bad as my cramps!! Which, I totally thought I was supposed to not have during pregnancy... who told THAT lie?! 

Our little nephew Jake Douglas Bird was born last week!! He is simply adorable.

Whenever I look at him, I think he is SO BIG... probably because I know that a baby of that size will be in my tummy soon..... and... I will have to push him out.  These thoughts make Jakes size multiply by 10 I think

They made me change his diaper to "prepare myself".. Sadly I don't have the picture of the fact that it ended up taking 3 of us!! Because the poor baby kept pooping once I took his diaper off

Woody just loved seeing little Jake! He just stared at him and snuggled him.  I could tell that it was making him pretty excited for his own little guy.

I'm exhausted, and it's past my bedtime... so I guess that's all for today!

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