Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Second Grade

So the other day my mom asked me about my second grade class. She said she felt like I wrote so much about my Kindegartners and I never say anything about my second graders!!! Those poor second graders, good thing they have no idea :)

I must admit I did not like my second graders as much as my kindegartners, especially at first. But as I have taught them more, they've talked to me more and I've gotten to know them I love them just as much :) But they are less cute. I still miss my Kindegartners!! And singing Tony Chestnut (maybe I should teach my 2nd graders)

But I did recieve 2 flowers today. I have so far had 2 journal entries written about me, my highest qualities are that I'm pretty and nice. And also, I gave the kids extra recess today and they told me that i was the best teacher EVER.

I'll tell you about some.

W- he was pretty shy when I first came in he wouldn't say a WORD! This week however, he's decided that he's the class clown! And I must admit that I have fallen for his little boy charm and he's hard for me to get mad at him. But the more he goofs us the easier it is to tell him to knock it off.

C - she is my special little girl who struggles staying on track and acting like a 2nd grader (she's thrown quite a few tantrums). But because of all the time that I spend working one on one with her I just love her. I do have a special bond with her and am just smiling as I write about her even though she can drive me CRAZY.

M - he's my saint. He's the smart little student who does everything right and is always sitting with arms folded, his lips zipped and just looking at me waiting. It's always fun when I get to talk to him and see his personality come out.

V&S - these are my 2 girls who are the "cool' girls and they of course have a crush on the cool boys. S stayed in from recess one day to help me and told all about how she's had a crush on a boy in our class since Kindergarten, she included some great details like his hair blowing in the wind when she met him, how she always thought of him until they had class together this year, and how she of course told him that she liked him :) haha

I'll tell about some more of my students on another post. This one is way too long without any pictures.

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  1. Isn't it funny how some of your hardest students become your favorites because of the love and service you have to give them. This happens to me every year. You are amazing!