Friday, March 11, 2011

Miss you already

Being an auntie is the best thing EVER!! Heather and Jordan moved away to Texas and took their cutte little baby girl with them (danget!!) These are some pictures from our last Sunday dinner together before they left.

Luckily woody and I are planning to go to Vegas this next weekend cuz KhiKi and Heather are still there (they're meeting Jordan at Texas) and I'm excited
She wasn't very cooperative taking pictures but they are still pretty cute

Notice, her painted toes. I would always paint her toes when she came over for me to babysit. When someone would ask her about her toes she would say, "Amy did it!" And now she says it all the time. She just loves me and I love her :)

Woody looks silly but it's a funny picture
Her and Woody got a long pretty well too. But she likes me more and she said my name first before his :) He misses her too


  1. Oh no this is so sad!!! What will you do without K? And Ames. I HAVE to see you. SOON.

  2. o we love and miss u guys tons too!!! we cannot wait for u guys to come down and play