Thursday, December 1, 2011


I was talking to a co-worker today she is having SO many trials, really anything you can think of:
- miscarried
- hospital bills up the wazoo
- pre-cancer surgery next week
- marital problems
- very stressful first year of teaching

It was so sad talking to her and hearing about all these not so good things going on. She grew up as a member, but has since left the church. I was so sad for her to be going through these things, without turning to her Heavenly Father. It made me truly thankful for my Lord and Savior, that I can always turn to Him. And for his Gospel that brings me so much joy in my life, and allows me to carry on through my trials. It also made me very grateful for my amazing husband. Yes we've had our tough times, and we definitely fight. But i am grateful we have never been "having issues". I am so grateful for a husband who forgives and forgets before I can even say sorry.

I love Christmas, the music, the lights, the parties, ALL of it!! I can definitely get caught up in all of the "show" of Christmas. It's important for us to all remember, that this is a time to celebrate Christ, to celebrate His birth and all the He did for us.

I hope we can all have a wonderful Christmas season filled with music, lights, parties, Christmas trees, goodies, and especially Christ's spirit.

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