Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick Day

There are some people who get sick once or twice a year, a friend of mine said she has only had the flu two times in her whole life. Me however, I tend to get sick once a month. So last night was my night to fulfill my quota. I felt fine all day and then my nose got a little runny and then my body started to feel that all too familiar tired feel....

Surprise, surprise I woke up feeling yucky and now I am feeling worse. But... what I wanted to write about to myself??? is that.. if I do get sick so often, why on earth haven't I learned to be productive while I am sick?

I have had all day to finish my lesson planning and have I? Nope. I can't think very well. and I just wanna nap and watch TV, well I don't nap cuz I can't breath... But apparently I can think enough to write this. ha ha

Hopefully tomorrow my observation will go well... even though I am not feeling very prepared


  1. Oh no Amy I'm so sorry!! You do seem to get sick ALL the time. That's not fair. But I'm sure your lesson will go great tomorrow. I'm getting observed too and I never feel prepared enough... Oh well. I sure hope you feel better SOON! :)

  2. Amy hello of course you can't concentrate you are sick! But you have learned useful stuff, endurance, patience, and perserverance! We love you and hope that it will only be sick once a year for you!